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coredns - pluggable DNS nameserver optimized for service discovery and flexibility.


coredns [-conf FILE] [-dns.port PORT} [OPTION]...


CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins. Each plugin handles a DNS feature, like rewriting queries, kubernetes service discovery or just exporting metrics. There are many other plugins, each described on ⟨⟩ and their respective manual pages. Plugins not bundled by default in CoreDNS are listed on ⟨⟩.

When started without options CoreDNS will look for a file named Corefile in the current directory, if found, it will parse its contents and start up accordingly. If no Corefile is found it will start with the whoami plugin (coredns-whoami(7)) and start listening on port 53 (unless overridden with -dns.port).

Available options:

specify Corefile to load, if not given CoreDNS will look for a Corefile in the current directory.
override default port (53) to listen on.
write PID to FILE.
list all plugins and quit.
don't print any version and port information on startup.
show version and quit.


CoreDNS Authors.


Apache License 2.0


Corefile(5) coredns-k8s_external(7) coredns-any(7) coredns-hosts(7) coredns-acl(7) coredns-dnssec(7) coredns-health(7) coredns-grpc(7) coredns-sign(7) coredns-log(7) coredns-tls(7) coredns-file(7) coredns-root(7) coredns-loop(7) coredns-chaos(7) coredns-dnstap(7) coredns-pprof(7) coredns-bufsize(7) coredns-clouddns(7) coredns-loadbalance(7) coredns-cache(7) coredns-whoami(7) coredns-minimal(7) coredns-dns64(7) coredns-erratic(7) coredns-auto(7) coredns-import(7) coredns-debug(7) coredns-template(7) coredns-azure(7) coredns-autopath(7) coredns-kubernetes(7) coredns-forward(7) coredns-nsid(7) coredns-secondary(7) coredns-route53(7) coredns-local(7) coredns-bind(7) coredns-errors(7) coredns-transfer(7) coredns-ready(7) coredns-reload(7) coredns-rewrite(7) coredns-metrics(7) coredns-metadata(7) coredns-etcd(7) coredns-cancel(7) coredns-trace(7).

May 2021 CoreDNS