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route53 - enables serving zone data from AWS route53.


The route53 plugin is useful for serving zones from resource record sets in AWS route53. This plugin supports all Amazon Route 53 records ( ⟨⟩). The route53 plugin can be used when coredns is deployed on AWS or elsewhere.


route53 [ZONE:HOSTED_ZONE_ID...] {

credentials PROFILE [FILENAME]
fallthrough [ZONES...]
refresh DURATION }

  • ZONE the name of the domain to be accessed. When there are multiple zones with overlapping domains (private vs. public hosted zone), CoreDNS does the lookup in the given order here. Therefore, for a non-existing resource record, SOA response will be from the rightmost zone.
  • HOSTED_ZONE_ID the ID of the hosted zone that contains the resource record sets to be accessed.
  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY the AWS access key ID and secret access key to be used when query AWS (optional). If they are not provided, then coredns tries to access AWS credentials the same way as AWS CLI, e.g., environmental variables, AWS credentials file, instance profile credentials, etc.
  • credentials is used for reading the credential FILENAME and setting the PROFILE name for a given zone. PROFILE is the AWS account profile name. Defaults to default. FILENAME is the AWS credentials filename, defaults to ~/.aws/credentials.
  • fallthrough If zone matches and no record can be generated, pass request to the next plugin. If ZONES is omitted, then fallthrough happens for all zones for which the plugin is authoritative. If specific zones are listed (for example and, then only queries for those zones will be subject to fallthrough.
  • refresh can be used to control how long between record retrievals from Route 53. It requires a duration string as a parameter to specify the duration between update cycles. Each update cycle may result in many AWS API calls depending on how many domains use this plugin and how many records are in each. Adjusting the update frequency may help reduce the potential of API rate-limiting imposed by AWS.
  • DURATION A duration string. Defaults to 1m. If units are unspecified, seconds are assumed.


Enable route53 with implicit AWS credentials and resolve CNAMEs via {

route53 } . {
forward . }

Enable route53 with explicit AWS credentials: {

route53 {
} }

Enable route53 with fallthrough:

. {

route53 {
} }

Enable route53 with multiple hosted zones with the same domain: {

route53 }

Enable route53 and refresh records every 3 minutes {

route53 {
refresh 3m
} }

March 2021 CoreDNS