This site contains thousands of staticly generated manpages (as of writing this, there are 111387 manpages for openSUSE Tumbleweed) which have been extracted from openSUSE RPMs. This service makes it possible to access and browse through manual pages without the need to have access to a running system. Additional, not all openSUSE products, like MicroOS, ship manual pages at all.

Service history

This service has been running as an official openSUSE service since November 2022. The code base is mainly based on debiman, which major rewrites to use a collection of RPMs as source.

Other sources

There are other sources for manpages online which you can use as alternatives to this service. These include:

This manual pages repository was generated by rpm2docserv. If you have any feedback, please file an issue in the rpm2docserv issue tracker.