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transfer - perform (outgoing) zone transfers for other plugins.


This plugin answers zone transfers for authoritative plugins that implement transfer.Transferer.

transfer answers full zone transfer (AXFR) requests and incremental zone transfer (IXFR) requests with AXFR fallback if the zone has changed.

When a plugin wants to notify it's secondaries it will call back into the transfer plugin.

The following plugins implement zone transfers using this plugin: file, auto, secondary, and kubernetes. See transfer.go for implementation details if you are a plugin author that wants to use this plugin.


transfer [ZONE...] {

to ADDRESS... }

  • ZONE The zones transfer will answer zone transfer requests for. If left blank, the zones are inherited from the enclosing server block. To answer zone transfers for a given zone, there must be another plugin in the same server block that serves the same zone, and implements transfer.Transferer.
  • to ADDRESS... The hosts transfer will transfer to. Use * to permit transfers to all addresses. ADDRESS must be denoted in CIDR notation (e.g., or just as plain addresses. to may be specified multiple times.


See the specific plugins using this plugin for examples on it's usage.

March 2021 CoreDNS