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yambar-modules-network(5) File Formats Manual yambar-modules-network(5)


network - This module monitors network connection state


This module monitors network connection state; disconnected/connected state and MAC/IP addresses.

Note: while the module internally tracks all assigned IPv4/IPv6 addresses, it currently exposes only a single IPv4 and a single IPv6 address.


Name Type Description
name string Network interface name
index int Network interface index
carrier bool True if the interface has CARRIER. That is, if it is physically connected.
state string One of unknown, not present, down, lower layers down, testing, dormant or up. You are probably interested in down and up.
mac string MAC address
ipv4 string IPv4 address assigned to the interface, or "" if none
ipv6 string IPv6 address assigned to the interface, or "" if none
ssid string SSID the adapter is connected to (Wi-Fi only)
signal int Signal strength, in dBm (Wi-Fi only)
rx-bitrate int RX bitrate, in bits/s
tx-bitrate int TX bitrate in bits/s
dl-speed int Download speed in bits/s
ul-speed int Upload speed in bits/s


Name Type Req Description
name string yes Name of network interface to monitor
poll-interval int no Periodically (in milliseconds) update the signal, rx+tx bitrate, and ul+dl speed tags. Setting it to 0 disables updates. Cannot be less than 250ms.



- network:
name: wlp3s0
string: {text: "{name}: {state} ({ipv4})"}


yambar-modules(5), yambar-particles(5), yambar-tags(5), yambar-decorations(5)