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yambar-tags(5) File Formats Manual yambar-tags(5)


yambar-tags - configuration file


Tags are the data carriers; it is through tags that modules expose their information. Each module defines its own set of tags.

The available tag types are:

Type Description
string Value is a string. Rendered as-is by the string particle.
int Value is an integer. Rendered in base 10 by the string particle.
bool Value is true or false. Rendered as "true" or "false" by the string particle
float Value is a float. Rendered in base 10, with two decimal digits by the string particle
range Value is an integer, with a minimum and maximum value associated with it. By default, the string particle renders the value. The :min or :max suffixes may be added to instead render the minimum or maximum value ("{tag_name:min}").
realtime Value is an integer that changes in a predictable manner (in "realtime"). This allows the particle to update itself periodically. Only supported by the yambar-particle-progress-bar(5). Other particles can still render the tag's value. And, the string particle recognizes the :unit suffix, which will be translated to a "s" for a tag with "seconds" resolution, or "ms" for one with "milliseconds" resolution.


A tag may be followed by one or more formatters that alter the tags rendition.

Formatters are added by appending a ':' separated list of formatter names:


In the table below, "kind" describes the type of action performed by the formatter:

  • format: changes the representation of the tag's value
  • selector: changes what to render

In general, formatters of the same kind cannot be combined; if multiple formatters of the same kind are specified, the last one will be used.

Formatter Kind Applies to Description
[0]<number>[.] format Numeric tags (integer and floats) The width reserved to the field. The leading '0' is optional and indicates zero padding, as opposed to space padding. The trailing '.' is also optional
.<number> format Float tags How many decimals to print
[0]<N>[.]<M> format N: numeric tags, M: float tags Combined version of the two previous formatters
hex format All tag types Renders a tag's value in hex
oct format All tag types Renders a tag's value in octal
% format Range tags Renders a range tag's value as a percentage value
kb, mb, gb format All tag types Renders a tag's value (in decimal) divided by 1000, 1000^2 or 1000^3. Note: no unit suffix is appended)
kib, mib, gib format All tag types Same as kb, mb and gb, but divide by 1024^n instead of 1000^n.
min selector Range tags Renders a range tag's minimum value
max selector Range tags Renders a range tag's maximum value
unit selector Realtime tags Renders a realtime tag's unit (e.g. "s", or "ms")


A numeric (float or int) tag with at least 3 digits, zero-padded if necessary:


A float tag with 2 decimals:


A "byte count" tag in gigabytes: