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fnottctl(1) General Commands Manual fnottctl(1)


fnottctl - utility to interact with fnott(1)


fnottctl dismiss [id]
fnottctl actions [id]
fnottctl list
fnottctl pause
fnottctl unpause
fnottctl quit
fnottctl --version



The notification ID to dismiss or show actions for. Use fnottctl list to see the IDs of currently active notifications.


Show the version number and quit


fnottctl is used to interact (dismiss notifications, show and select action for notifications) with fnott(1).

The most common operation is fnottctl dismiss. This will dismiss the highest priority notification. You might want to bind this to a keyboard shortcut in your Wayland compositor configuration.

To see, and select between, actions associated with the notification, use fnottctl actions. This requires a dmenu-like utility to have been configured in fnott.ini(5).

You can optionally specify a notification ID, to dismiss (or show actions for) a specific notification instead of the highest priority one.

For dismiss, there is also the special ID all which will, not unsurprisingly, dismiss all notifications.


fnott(1), fnott.ini(5)