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fnott(1) General Commands Manual fnott(1)


fnott - keyboard driven notification daemon for Wayland


fnott --version



Path to configuration file. Default: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fnott/fnott.ini.


Print PID to this file, or FD, when successfully started. The file (or FD) is closed immediately after writing the PID. When a FILE has been specified, the file is unlinked on exit.


Enables or disables colorization of log output on stderr.


Disables syslog logging. Logging is only done on stderr.


Show the version number and quit


fnott is a keyboard driven and lightweight notification daemon for wlroots-based Wayland compositors, implementing (parts of) the Desktop Notification Specification.

fnott is the daemon part and should be launched when you log in to your desktop. You should be able to configure your Wayland compositor to autolaunch it for you.

With the daemon running, you will be able to receive and display notifications:

notify-send "this is the summary" "this is the body"

Use fnottctl(1) to interact with it:

fnottctl dismiss

Or simply click on a notification to dismiss it.

Notifications are prioritized in the following way:

  • urgency - normal notifications always have higher priority than low-urgency notifications, and critical notifications always have higher priority than normal notifications.
  • time - older notifications have higher priority than newer notifications.

Notifications are displayed with the lowest priority ones at the top, and the highest priority ones at the bottom (this is subject to change).


See fnott.ini(5)


fnott.ini(5), fnottctl(1)