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dnf-config-manager - DNF config-manager Plugin

Manage main and repository DNF configuration options, toggle which repositories are enabled or disabled, and add new repositories.


dnf config-manager [options] <section>...


This argument can be used to explicitly select the configuration sections to manage. A section can either be main or a repoid. If not specified, the program will select the main section and each repoid used within any --setopt options. A repoid can be specified using globs.


All general DNF options are accepted, see Options in dnf(8) for details.

Show this help.
Add (and enable) the repo from the specified file or url. If it has to be added into installroot, combine it with --setopt=reposdir=/<installroot>/etc/yum.repos.d command-line option.
Print dump of current configuration values to stdout.
Disable the specified repos (implies --save).
Enable the specified repos (implies --save).
Save the current options (useful with --setopt).
Set a configuration option. To set configuration options for repositories, use repoid.option for the <option>. Globs are supported in repoid.


DNF config-manager can misbehave when enabling/disabling repositories generated by tools like subscription-manager on RHEL. In this case you should use subscription-manager to perform such actions.

Download additional.repo and store it in repodir.
Create new repo file with as baseurl and enable it.
Display main DNF configuration.
Display configuration of a repository identified by <section>.
Enable repository identified by <repoid> and make the change permanent.
Disable repositories identified by <repoid1> and <repoid2>
Disable repositories identified by <repoid1> and <repoid2> <repo1> <repo2>
Update proxy setting in repositories with repoid <repo1> and <repo2> and make the change permanent.
Update gpgcheck setting in all repositories whose id ends with -debuginfo and make the change permanent.


See AUTHORS in your Core DNF Plugins distribution


2024, Red Hat, Licensed under GPLv2+

February 6, 2024 4.4.4