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x3270(1) General Commands Manual x3270(1)


x3270 - IBM host access tool


x3270 [options] [host]
x3270 [options] session-file.x3270


x3270 opens a telnet connection to an IBM host in an X window. It implements RFCs 2355 (TN3270E), 1576 (TN3270) and 1646 (LU name selection), and supports IND$FILE file transfer. The window created by x3270 can use its own font for displaying characters, so it is a fairly accurate representation of an IBM 3278 or 3279. It is similar to tn3270(1) except that it is X11-based, not curses-based.


Primary documentation for x3270 is on the x3270 Wiki,


x3270 4.3ga4

14 October 2023