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virt-v2v-support(1) Virtualization Support virt-v2v-support(1)


virt-v2v-support - Supported hypervisors, virtualization management systems and guests in virt-v2v


This page documents which foreign hypervisors, virtualization management systems and guest types that virt-v2v(1) can support.

Note this page applies to upstream virt-v2v from and in downstream distributions of virt-v2v sometimes features are intentionally removed, or are present but not supported.

Hypervisors (Input)

Must be managed by VMware vCenter ≥ 5.0 unless VDDK is available.
OVAs from other hypervisors will not work.
VMX files generated by other hypervisors will not work.
Citrix Xen has not been recently tested.
Not recently tested. Requires that you export the disk or use virt-p2v(1) on Hyper-V.
Only disk images exported from supported hypervisors, and using container formats supported by qemu.
Using the virt-p2v(1) tool.

Hypervisors (Output)

QEMU and KVM only.

Virtualization management systems (Output)

And hence virsh(1), virt-manager(1), and similar tools.


We use Windows internal version numbers, see

Currently NT 5.2 to NT 6.3 are supported.

See "WINDOWS" below for additional notes on converting Windows guests.

Guest firmware

BIOS is supported for all guest types and hypervisors.

VMware allows you to present UEFI firmware to guests (instead of the ordinary PC BIOS). Virt-v2v can convert these guests, but requires that UEFI is supported by the target hypervisor.

Currently KVM supports OVMF, an open source UEFI firmware, and can run these guests.

Since OVMF support was only recently added to KVM (in 2014/2015), not all target environments support UEFI guests yet:

Supported. Virt-v2v will generate the correct libvirt XML (metadata) automatically, but note that the same version of OVMF must be installed on the conversion host as is installed on the target hypervisor, else you will have to adjust paths in the metadata.
Supported since virt-v2v ≥ 1.43.2.
Supported since oVirt/RHV ≥ 4.2 and virt-v2v ≥ 1.39.12.




Richard W.M. Jones


Copyright (C) 2009-2020 Red Hat Inc.



To get a list of bugs against libguestfs, use this link:

To report a new bug against libguestfs, use this link:

When reporting a bug, please supply:

  • The version of libguestfs.
  • Where you got libguestfs (eg. which Linux distro, compiled from source, etc)
  • Describe the bug accurately and give a way to reproduce it.
  • Run libguestfs-test-tool(1) and paste the complete, unedited output into the bug report.
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