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std::priority_queue::operator=(3) C++ Standard Libary std::priority_queue::operator=(3)


std::priority_queue::operator= - std::priority_queue::operator=


priority_queue& operator=( const priority_queue& other ); (1)
priority_queue& operator=( priority_queue&& other ); (2) (since C++11)

Replaces the contents of the container adaptor with those of other.

1) Copy assignment operator. Replaces the contents with a copy of the contents of
other. Effectively calls c = other.c; comp = other.comp;. (implicitly declared)
2) Move assignment operator. Replaces the contents with those of other using move
semantics. Effectively calls c = std::move(other.c); comp = std::move(other.comp);
(implicitly declared)


other - another container adaptor to be used as source

Return value



Equivalent to that of operator= of the underlying container.

See also

constructor constructs the priority_queue
(public member function)