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std::num_put::~num_put(3) C++ Standard Libary std::num_put::~num_put(3)


std::num_put::~num_put - std::num_put::~num_put


Defined in header <locale>
protected: ~num_put();

Destructs a std::num_put facet. This destructor is protected and virtual (due to
base class destructor being virtual). An object of type std::num_put, like most
facets, can only be destroyed when the last std::locale object that implements this
facet goes out of scope or if a user-defined class is derived from std::num_put and
implements a public destructor.


// Run this code

#include <iostream>
#include <locale>
struct Destructible_num_put : public std::num_put<wchar_t>
Destructible_num_put(std::size_t refs = 0) : num_put(refs) {}
// note: the implicit destructor is public
int main()
Destructible_num_put dc;
// std::num_put<wchar_t> c; // compile error: protected destructor