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std::move_sentinel(3) C++ Standard Libary std::move_sentinel(3)


std::move_sentinel - std::move_sentinel


Defined in header <iterator>
template< std::semiregular S > (since C++20)
class move_sentinel;

std::move_sentinel is a sentinel adaptor used for denoting ranges together with

Template parameters

S - the type of underlying sentinel

Member functions

constructor constructs a new move_sentinel
(C++20) (public member function)
operator= assigns the contents of one move_sentinel to another
(C++20) (public member function)
base return a copy of the underlying sentinel
(C++20) (public member function)

Member objects

Member name Definition
last (private member object) underlying sentinel, the name is for exposition only

Non-member functions

Notes: These functions are hidden friends of std::move_iterator and invisible to
ordinary unqualified or qualified lookup.

operator==(std::move_sentinel) compares the underlying iterator and the underlying
(C++20) sentinel
(function template)
operator-(std::move_sentinel) computes the distance between the underlying iterator
(C++20) and the underlying sentinel
(function template)


This section is incomplete
Reason: no example

See also

move_iterator iterator adaptor which dereferences to an rvalue reference
(C++11) (class template)