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std::basic_ios::set_rdbuf(3) C++ Standard Libary std::basic_ios::set_rdbuf(3)


std::basic_ios::set_rdbuf - std::basic_ios::set_rdbuf


protected: (since C++11)
void set_rdbuf( std::basic_streambuf<CharT,Traits>* sb );

Sets the associated stream buffer to sb without clearing the error state.

This member function is protected: it is called by the move constructors of the
derived streams such as std::basic_ofstream or std::basic_istringstream, as the
final step after constructing the base class and after moving the stream buffer:
only the most derived stream class knows how to correctly move the stream buffer,
but std::basic_ios needs to be made aware of the stream's new location so that its
public member functions can access it.


sb - stream buffer to associate to

Return value



Throws nothing.


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Reason: no example

See also

rdbuf manages associated stream buffer
(public member function)