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std::independent_bits_engine(3) C++ Standard Libary std::independent_bits_engine(3)


std::independent_bits_engine - std::independent_bits_engine


Defined in header <random>

class Engine,
std::size_t W, (since C++11)
class UIntType

> class independent_bits_engine;

independent_bits_engine is a random number engine adaptor that produces random
numbers with different number of bits than that of the wrapped engine.

Template parameters

Engine - the type of the wrapped engine
W - the number of bits the generated numbers should have
the type of the generated random numbers. The effect is undefined
UIntType - unless the parameter is cv-unqualified and is one of unsigned short,
unsigned int, unsigned long, or unsigned long long.

Type requirements

Engine must meet the requirements of RandomNumberEngine.
W must be greater than zero, and no greater than

Member types

Member type Definition
result_type UIntType

Member functions

constructor constructs the engine adaptor
(C++11) (public member function)
seed sets the state of the underlying engine
(C++11) (public member function)
base returns the underlying engine
(C++11) (public member function)


operator() advances the state of the underlying engine and returns the
(C++11) generated value
(public member function)
discard advances the adaptor's state by a specified amount
(C++11) (public member function)


min gets the smallest possible value in the output range (always zero).
[static] (C++11) (public static member function)
max gets the largest possible value in the output range (always 2w
[static] (C++11) -1).
(public static member function)

Non-member functions

operator== compares the internal states of the adaptors and
operator!= underlying engines
(C++11) (function)
(C++11)(removed in C++20)
operator<< performs stream input and output on pseudo-random number
operator>> engine adaptor
(C++11) (function)