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std::filesystem::status_known(3) C++ Standard Libary std::filesystem::status_known(3)


std::filesystem::status_known - std::filesystem::status_known


Defined in header <filesystem>
bool status_known( std::filesystem::file_status s ) noexcept; (1) (since C++17)

Checks if the given file status is known, equivalent to s.type() != file_type::none.


s - file status to check

Return value

true if the given file status is a known file status.


Despite the name, the function checks for the file status of file_type::none
(meaning an error occurred), not file_type::unknown (meaning file exists, but its
type cannot be determined).

See also

status determines file attributes
symlink_status determines file attributes, checking the symlink target
(C++17) (function)
status status of the file designated by this directory entry;
symlink_status status of the file/symlink designated by this directory entry
(public member function of std::filesystem::directory_entry)