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std::experimental::simd_abi::compatible(3) C++ Standard Libary std::experimental::simd_abi::compatible(3)


std::experimental::simd_abi::compatible - std::experimental::simd_abi::compatible


Defined in header <experimental/simd>
template < class T > (parallelism TS v2)
using compatible = /*implementation-defined*/;

compatible<T> is an implementation-defined alias for an ABI tag.


The intent is to use the ABI tag producing the most efficient data-parallel
execution for the element type T that ensures ABI compatibility between translation
units on the target architecture.

See also

scalar tag type for storing a single element
(parallelism TS v2) (typedef)
fixed_size tag type for storing specified number of elements
(parallelism TS v2) (alias template)
native tag type that is most efficient
(parallelism TS v2) (alias template)
deduce obtains an ABI type for given element type and number of
deduce_t elements
(parallelism TS v2) (class template)