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std::chrono::year(3) C++ Standard Libary std::chrono::year(3)


std::chrono::year - std::chrono::year


Defined in header <chrono>
class year; (since C++20)

The class year represents a year in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. Its range is
[-32767, 32767].

year is a TriviallyCopyable StandardLayoutType.

Member functions

constructor constructs a year
(public member function)
operator++(int) increments or decrements the year
operator-- (public member function)
operator+= adds or subtracts a number of years from a year
operator-= (public member function)
operator+ applies unary operators to year
operator- (public member function)
is_leap determines if the year is a leap year
(public member function)
operator int retrieve the year value
(public member function)
ok checks if the stored year value is valid
(public member function)
min returns the smallest possible year value
[static] (public static member function)
max returns the largest possible year
[static] (public static member function)

Non-member functions

operator== compares two year values
operator<=> (function)
operator+ performs arithmetic on years
operator- (function)
operator<< outputs a year into a stream
(C++20) (function template)
from_stream parses a year from a stream according to the provided format
(C++20) (function template)

Helper classes

std::formatter<std::chrono::year> specialization of std::formatter that formats a
(C++20) year according to the provided format
(class template specialization)


Defined in inline namespace std::literals::chrono_literals
operator""y A std::chrono::year literal representing a particular year
(C++20) (function)