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std::basic_string_view::rfind(3) C++ Standard Libary std::basic_string_view::rfind(3)


std::basic_string_view::rfind - std::basic_string_view::rfind


constexpr size_type rfind( basic_string_view v, size_type pos = (1) (since C++17)
npos ) const noexcept;
constexpr size_type rfind( CharT c, size_type pos = npos ) const (2) (since C++17)
constexpr size_type rfind( const CharT* s, size_type pos, (3) (since C++17)
size_type count ) const;
constexpr size_type rfind( const CharT* s, size_type pos = npos ) (4) (since C++17)

Finds the last substring equal to the given character sequence.

1) Finds the last occurrence of v in this view, starting at position pos.
2) Equivalent to rfind(basic_string_view(std::addressof(c), 1), pos).
3) Equivalent to rfind(basic_string_view(s, count), pos).
4) Equivalent to rfind(basic_string_view(s), pos).


v - view to search for
pos - position at which to start the search
count - length of substring to search for
s - pointer to a character string to search for
ch - character to search for

Return value

Position of the first character of the found substring or npos if no such substring
is found.


O(size() * v.size()) at worst.


// Run this code

#include <string_view>

int main()
using namespace std::literals;
constexpr auto N = std::string_view::npos;

&& (6 == "AB AB AB"sv.rfind("AB"))
&& (6 == "AB AB AB"sv.rfind("ABCD", N, 2))
&& (3 == "AB AB AB"sv.rfind("AB", 5))
&& (2 == "B AB AB "sv.rfind("AB", 2))
&& (N == "B AB AB "sv.rfind("AB", 1))
&& (5 == "B AB AB "sv.rfind('A'))
&& (4 == "AB AB AB"sv.rfind('B', 4))
&& (N == "AB AB AB"sv.rfind('C'))

See also

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(C++17) (public member function)
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find_first_not_of find first absence of characters
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find the last occurrence of a substring
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