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SMCR(8) Linux Programmer's Manual SMCR(8)


smcr - Print information about SMC-R link groups, links and devices


smcr [ OPTIONS ] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }

OBJECT := { info | linkgroup | device | stats | ueid }

OPTIONS := { -v[ersion] | -a[bsolute] | -d[etails] | -dd[etails] }


Print the version of the smcr utility and exit.

Print absolute statistic value (valid only for stats).

Print detailed information.

Print more detailed information.



One or more SMC-R devices.

Generic SMC information.

One or more SMC-R link groups or links.

SMC-R statistics.

Work with User defined Enterprise IDs (UEID).

The names of all objects can be abbreviated down to a unique stem. For example device can be abbreviated to dev or just d. For more information about individual objects see the man pages in SEE ALSO section.


Specifies the action to perform on the object. The set of possible actions depends on the object type. For most objects you can specify the show or link-show command. Use the help command for an object to print information about the available actions and the specific syntax for that object.

If no command is given, a default command is assumed.


Successful smcr commands return 0 and display the requested link group, link or device information. If an error occurs, smcr writes a message to stderr and completes with a return code other than 0. Possible error messages to stderr in case of non-zero return code:

Either kernel is not supporting the smcr tool or the smc kernel module is not loaded.


af_smc(7), smcd(8), smcr(8), smcr-device(8), smcr-info(8), smcr-linkgroup(8) smcr-stats(8), smcr-ueid(8)

June 2020 smc-tools