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mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event, mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event_fd(3) mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event, mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event_fd(3)


mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event - Subscribe over an event channel for device events.

mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event_fd - Subscribe over an event channel for device events to signal eventfd.


#include <infiniband/mlx5dv.h>
int mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event(struct mlx5dv_devx_event_channel *dv_event_channel,

struct mlx5dv_devx_obj *obj,
uint16_t events_sz,
uint16_t events_num[],
uint64_t cookie) int mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event_fd(struct mlx5dv_devx_event_channel *dv_event_channel,
int fd,
struct mlx5dv_devx_obj *obj,
uint16_t event_num)


Subscribe over a DEVX event channel for device events.


Event channel to subscribe over.
A file descriptor that previously was opened by the eventfd() system call.
DEVX object that events_num relates to, can be NULL for unaffiliated events.
Size of the events_num buffer that holds the events to subscribe for.
Holds the required event numbers to subscribe for, numbers are according to the device specification.
The value to be returned back when reading the event, can be used as an ID for application use.


When mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event_fd will be used the fd will be signaled once an event has occurred.


mlx5dv_open_device(3), mlx5dv_devx_create_event_channel(3), mlx5dv_devx_get_event(3)


Yishai Hadas