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mlx5dv_devx_create_eq(3) mlx5 Programmer’s Manual mlx5dv_devx_create_eq(3)


mlx5dv_devx_create_eq - Create an EQ object

mlx5dv_devx_destroy_eq - Destroy an EQ object


#include <infiniband/mlx5dv.h>
struct mlx5dv_devx_eq *
mlx5dv_devx_create_eq(struct ibv_context *ibctx, const void *in, size_t inlen,

void *out, size_t outlen); int mlx5dv_devx_destroy_eq(struct mlx5dv_devx_eq *eq);


Create / Destroy an EQ object. Upon creation, the caller prepares the in/out mail boxes based on the device specification format; For the input mailbox, caller needs to prepare all fields except “eqc.log_page_size” and the pas list, which will be set by the driver. The “eqc.intr” field should be used from the output of mlx5dv_devx_alloc_msi_vector().


RDMA device context to create the action on.
A buffer which contains the command’s input data provided in a device specification format.
The size of in buffer in bytes.
A buffer which contains the command’s output data according to the device specification format.
The size of out buffer in bytes.
The EQ object to work on.
struct mlx5dv_devx_eq {

void *vaddr; };
EQ VA that was allocated in the driver for.


mlx5dv_devx_query_eqn() will not support vectors which are used by mlx5dv_devx_create_eq().


Upon success mlx5dv_devx_create_eq will return a new struct mlx5dv_devx_eq; On error NULL will be returned and errno will be set.

Upon success mlx5dv_devx_destroy_eq will return 0, on error errno will be returned.

If the error value is EREMOTEIO, outbox.status and outbox.syndrome will contain the command failure details.


mlx5dv_devx_alloc_msi_vector(3), mlx5dv_devx_query_eqn(3)


Mark Zhang

2022-01-12 mlx5