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pmacct(1) pmacct pmacct(1)


pmacct - frontend to pmacctd.


pmacct query


pmacct is a frontend to pmacctd(8) when used in volatile memory mode.

The type of query is specified using options. At least one of the options -C, -c, -e, -s, or -t is mandatory, but with -c either of -M or -N must be used for further specification.


For displaying data either of these options are used:

Show full statistics.
Specify primitives in a match aggregation, in order to present partial statistics. Either -M or -N must be used to specify matching data for this option. Here aggregate is a comma separated string constructed from the following identifiers, in arbitrary order:

src_mac, dst_mac, vlan, src_host, dst_host, src_net, dst_net, src_mask, dst_mask, src_port, dst_port, tos, proto, src_as, dst_as, sum_mac, sum_host, sum_net, sum_as, sum_port, in_iface, out_iface, tag, tag2, flows, class, std_comm, ext_comm, as_path, peer_src_ip, peer_dst_ip, peer_src_as, peer_dst_as, src_as_path, src_std_comm, src_med, src_ext_comm, src_local_pref, is_symmetric.

Only entries which match the aggregate are printed.

Management of the server daemon is offered by three options:

Clear all statistics. For a partial clear, see -r.
Show memory table status.
Show a table of all active classifiers.


The primary options above can be influenced by some secondary options:

Unix socket location for client-server communication. Default is /tmp/collect.pipe.
Display all table fields, even currently unused fields.
Calculate a summed total of all counters, instead of returning a counter for each individual match; applies to -N.
Select which counters to print. This applies only to -N.
Output statistics ordered by decreasing value of the indicated field. This option applies to -M and to -s.
Reset counters in the present selection after printing their values. The option applies only to -M and to -N.
Perform a locking on the table.

Print a formatted table for all entries matching the given data. An aggregation must be specified using -c, and the field order given there must be observed when stating the data here. The output can be influenced using -T.
Here match_data is a number of substrings separated by semicolon, each substring being a comma separated list of acceptable values in a match aggregation. A wildcard ´*´ can be used to match any value in a specific field.
As an alternative, a location filename of a file can be specified. This file provides the substrings mentioned above as separate lines. The prefix ´file:´ is a verbatim marker.

Print counters only, no text fields, header, or footer. This presupposes -c, and can be influenced by -n and -S. The arguments are identical to those for -M.


The file /usr/share/doc/pmacct/EXAMPLES.gz contains suggestions prepared by the upstream author.

For suggestions, critisism, and bugs, get in contact with Paolo Lucente <>.




This text was originally compiled by Mats Erik Andersson for the Debian project, but may be distributed for other uses under the same licensing as the software itself.

March 2011 0.12.1