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PDF::API2::Resource::Font::BdFont(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation PDF::API2::Resource::Font::BdFont(3)


PDF::API2::Resource::Font::BdFont - Module for using bitmapped Fonts.


    use PDF::API2;
    $pdf = PDF::API2->new;
    $sft = $pdf->bdfont($file);


$font = PDF::API2::Resource::Font::BdFont->new $pdf, $font, %options
Returns a BmpFont object.

Valid %options are:

-encode ... changes the encoding of the font from its default. See perl's Encode for the supported values.

-pdfname ... changes the reference-name of the font from its default. The reference-name is normally generated automatically and can be retrieved via $pdfname=$font->name.

2024-06-23 perl v5.40.0