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MooseX::Types::DateTime(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation MooseX::Types::DateTime(3pm)


MooseX::Types::DateTime - DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose


version 0.13


Export Example:

    use MooseX::Types::DateTime qw(TimeZone);
    has time_zone => (
        isa => TimeZone,
        is => "rw",
        coerce => 1,
    Class->new( time_zone => "Africa/Timbuktu" );


This module packages several Moose::Util::TypeConstraints with coercions, designed to work with the DateTime suite of objects.

Namespaced Example:

    use MooseX::Types::DateTime;
    has time_zone => (
        isa => 'DateTime::TimeZone',
        is => "rw",
        coerce => 1,
    Class->new( time_zone => "Africa/Timbuktu" );


A class type for DateTime.
Uses "from_epoch" in DateTime. Floating values will be used for sub-second precision, see DateTime for details.
Calls "new" in DateTime with the hash entries as arguments.
A class type for DateTime::Duration
Uses "new" in DateTime::Duration and passes the number as the "seconds" argument.

Note that due to leap seconds, DST changes etc this may not do what you expect. For instance passing in 86400 is not always equivalent to one day, although there are that many seconds in a day. See "How Date Math is Done" in DateTime for more details.

Calls "new" in DateTime::Duration with the hash entries as arguments.
A class type for DateTime::Locale::root with the name DateTime::Locale.
The string is treated as a language tag (e.g. "en" or "he_IL") and given to "load" in DateTime::Locale.
The "Locale::Maketext/language_tag" attribute will be used with "load" in DateTime::Locale.
A class type for DateTime::TimeZone.
Treated as a time zone name or offset. See "USAGE" in DateTime::TimeZone for more details on the allowed values.

Delegates to "new" in DateTime::TimeZone with the string as the "name" argument.



DateTime, DateTimeX::Easy


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יובל קוג'מן (Yuval Kogman) <>


  • Karen Etheridge <>
  • Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <>
  • Florian Ragwitz <>
  • John Napiorkowski <>
  • Shawn M Moore <>
  • Dave Rolsky <>


This software is copyright (c) 2008 by יובל קוג'מן (Yuval Kogman).

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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