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LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Constructor(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Constructor(3)


"LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Constructor" - Control sequence definitions.


This class represents control sequences that contribute arbitrary XML fragments to the document tree. During digestion, a "LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Constuctor" records the arguments used in the invocation to produce a LaTeXML::Core::Whatsit. The resulting LaTeXML::Core::Whatsit (usually) generates an XML document fragment when absorbed by an instance of LaTeXML::Core::Document. Additionally, a "LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Constructor" may have beforeDigest and afterDigest daemons defined which are executed for side effect, or for adding additional boxes to the output.

It extends LaTeXML::Core::Definition.

More documentation needed, but see LaTeXML::Package for the main user access to these.

More about Constructors

A constructor has as it's "replacement" a subroutine or a string pattern representing the XML fragment it should generate. In the case of a string pattern, the pattern is compiled into a subroutine on first usage by the internal class "LaTeXML::Core::Definition::ConstructorCompiler". Like primitives, constructors may have "beforeDigest" and "afterDigest".


Bruce Miller <>


Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.

2024-02-26 perl v5.40.0