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HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Reference(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Reference(3)


HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Reference - concise reference


version 0.40068


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This is a concise reference of HTML::FormHandler.

HTML::FormHandler has a lot of options and many ways to customize your forms. More complete documentation can be found in the rest of the manual as HTML::FormHandler::Manual and in HTML::FormHandler, HTML::FormHandler::Field, HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC, HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple, and in the individual field classes.


Form Attributes

   params           HTTP parameters; if present validation will be attempted
   name             Form name. Used in 'id' of form element
   field_name_space  Where to search for fields
   widget_name_space Where to search for widgets
   language handle  For MakeText
   ctx              Application context for your use
   init_object      For default values instead of $item
   dependency       Array of arrays of field names. If one name has a value, all
                       fields in the list are set to 'required'
   fields           Field array
   sorted_fields    The sorted array of fields
   field( $name )   Returns a field object
   has_field        Moose-y sugar for declaring fields
   field_list       Non-moose-y way to define fields
   clear            Resets state. Used in persistent forms.
   value            Returns a hashref of values (with accessor keys)
   fif              Returns a hashref for filling in form

Form database attributes

   item             DB row object
   item_class       Class of db item
   item_id          Primary key of db item
   schema           Schema of item
   Also 'update_model' sub

Form processing

   process           Sets up form, validates, updates model
   run               Returns a result object and clears form
   update_field_list Updates to fields on process
   posted            Flag to say whether or not to validate, instead of
                        depending on presence of params


   validate        Sub for validation after individual fields are validated
   validate_model  Sub for additional database type validation
   validated       Flag that form has validated
   is_valid        Synonym of 'validated'
   ran_validation  Flag that validation has already been run
   dependency      Set groups of fields that are set to required if one is present
   validate_$fieldname  Validation routine for field (also 'validate_method')


   has_errors      True if any field has errors
   num_errors      The number of errors (field errors + form errors)
   error_fields    An array of fields with errors
   errors          Returns an array of all errors
   error_field_names Returns an array of field names with errors

Form Methods and process hooks

   update_model      To perform additional database actions on update
   update_fields     Sub providing convenient place to update fields on 'process'
   update_subfields  Sub providing place to update fields on Build (useful for
                       roles and compound field classes)
   init_object       can be a method instead of an attribute

Form Rendering

   html_prefix         Flag to prefix html field names with the form name.
                           Useful for multiple instances of the same form
   do_form_wrapper     flag to wrap form. (build_do_form_wrapper)
   form_tags           Various strings and flags used by rendering
   form_element_attr   For arbitrary html attributes in the 'form' tag
   form_element_class  Arrayref of classes for 'class="..."' in form element
   form_wrapper_attr   For arbitrary html attributes on the form wrapper
   form_wrapper_class  Arrayref of classes for 'class="..."' in form wrapper
   http_method         For storing 'post' or 'get'
   action              Store the form 'action' on submission. No default value.
   enctype             Request enctype
   uuid                generates a string containing an HTML field with UUID
   style               adds a 'style' attribute to the form tag
   id                  the form tag 'id' attribute is set to the form name
   html_attributes     hook that allows customizing html attributes (form & field)

Field specific form methods

   options_$fieldname   Sub returning options array (also 'options_method')
   validate_$fieldname  Validation routine for field (also 'validate_method')
   default_$fieldname   Set default for field (also 'default_method')


Field attributes

   name          Field name. Must be the same as database column name or rel
   type          Field type. From a Field class: 'Text', 'Select', etc
   order         Set the order for fields. Default order is set by FH.
   dump          For debugging
   active        Arrayref of fields to set active
   inactive      Arrayref of fields to set inactive
   input_without_param  The value of the field if there is no input from the submitted form
   default       Default value for the field
   default_method   Coderef to set default or 'default_$fieldname' (by default)
   not_nullable  Don't convert an empty field ('', etc) to undef
   trim          Transform to trim the field
   deflation     Function to deflate the field (in 'apply') (opposite of transform)
   deflate_method          Coderef to deflate the field (for filling in the form)
   inflate_method          Coderef to inflate the field (before validation)
   inflate_default_method  Coderef to inflate value from item/init_object
   deflate_value_method    Coderef to deflate value after validation
   fif_from_value  Flag to use 'value' of field for 'fif'.
   password      Remove from params and do not display in forms.

Select fields

   options       Sorted array of hashes; keys: "value", "label"
   label_column  Column to use for labels (default: name)
   active_column Which values to list in options
   sort_column   Column to use for sorting (default: label_column)

Field errors

   errors        Errors associated with this field
                 (also num_errors, clear_errors, has_errors, add_error)
   messages      Hashref of message identifiers and text

Field validation

   apply         Array of constraint/coercion/transformation actions
                 ( type, check, transform, message, when )
   validate_method  Validation coderef, or 'validate_$fieldname' in form (default)
   required      Field is required
   required_when Takes a hashref of field name keys and values
   missing       Flag set when a 'required' or 'required_when' fails
   maxlength     Text fields. Validated.
   minlength     Text fields. Used in validation
   range_start   Range start for number fields
   range_end     Range end for number fields

Field attributes for DB

   accessor      Database accessor name if different than field name
   unique        Field should be unique in the database
   noupdate      Don't update this field in the database
   writeonly     Do not retrieve initial values
   Also see the select field _columns attributes

Field rendering

   widget          Determines which rendering widget to use for the field
   widget_wrapper  Which wrapper widget to apply to the field
   element_attr    Hashref to store arbitrary html attributes.
   label_attr      Hashref for html attributes for the label
   wrapper_attr    Hashref for html attributes for the wrapping element (div, etc)
   element_class   Arrayref for classes for the form element
   wrapper_class   Arrayref for classes for the form element wrapper
   label_class     Arrayref for classes for the form element label
   label           Text label for this field. Defaults to ucfirst field name.
   build_label_method   provide a builder for 'label' attribute
   wrap_label_method    provide a coderef to wrap the label
   id              Useful for javascript (default is html_name. to prefix with
                       form name, use 'html_prefix' in your form)
   build_id_method Provide a builder for 'id' attribute
   do_wrapper      Flag to render wrapper
   do_label        Flag to render label
   size            Text & select fields.
   render          Widget method to render the field ($field->render)
   renderx         "" plus set attributes ($field->render( element_class => '...' ))
   render_element  Widget method to render unwrapped field ($field->render_element)
   render_elementx "" plus set attributes ($field->render_elementx( element_class => '...'))

Field attributes managed by FormHandler

These attributes are usually accessed in a subroutine or in a template, but are usually set only by FormHandler. ('value' may be changed as a transform _in a validation routine_.)

   init_value    Initial value from the database
   value         The value of your field.
   input         Input value from parameter or initial value from database
   fif           Retrieve (do not set) values for filling in a form


FormHandler Contributors - see HTML::FormHandler


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Gerda Shank.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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