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File::HomeDir::Darwin::Carbon(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation File::HomeDir::Darwin::Carbon(3)


File::HomeDir::Darwin - Find your home and other directories on Darwin (OS X)


This module provides Darwin-specific implementations for determining common user directories. In normal usage this module will always be used via File::HomeDir.

Note -- since this module requires Mac::Carbon and Mac::Carbon does not work with 64-bit perls, on such systems, File::HomeDir will try File::HomeDir::Darwin::Cocoa and then fall back to the (pure Perl) File::HomeDir::Darwin.


  use File::HomeDir;
  # Find directories for the current user
  $home    = File::HomeDir->my_home;      # /Users/mylogin
  $desktop = File::HomeDir->my_desktop;   # /Users/mylogin/Desktop
  $docs    = File::HomeDir->my_documents; # /Users/mylogin/Documents
  $music   = File::HomeDir->my_music;     # /Users/mylogin/Music
  $pics    = File::HomeDir->my_pictures;  # /Users/mylogin/Pictures
  $videos  = File::HomeDir->my_videos;    # /Users/mylogin/Movies
  $data    = File::HomeDir->my_data;      # /Users/mylogin/Library/Application Support


  • Test with Mac OS (versions 7, 8, 9)
  • Some better way for users_* ?


Copyright 2009 - 2011 Adam Kennedy.

Copyright 2017 - 2020 Jens Rehsack

2020-09-29 perl v5.40.0