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opendkim-rephistory(8) System Manager's Manual opendkim-rephistory(8)


opendkim-rephistory - OpenDKIM reputation history recording tool


opendkim-rephistory [options]


opendkim-rephistory copies the current reputation data for all domains into a history table to enable observation of the evolution of the reputations of domains over time.


Attempts to connect to the database server on the named host. The default is "localhost".
Requests a connection to the database called name. The default is "opendkim".
Attempts to authenticate to the database server using the specified password. The default is "opendkim".
Tries to connect to the database at the specified TCP port. The default is 3306.
Attempts to authenticate to the database server as the specified user. The default is "opendkim".
Indicates the number of days of data to keep. The default is 180.
Prints a usage message and exits.
Requests verbose output.
Prints version number and exits.


This man page covers the version of opendkim-rephistory that shipped with version 2.11.0 of OpenDKIM.


Copyright (c) 2011-2013, The Trusted Domain Project. All rights reserved.


opendkim(8), opendkim-genrates(8), opendkim-importstats(8)

RFC6376 - DomainKeys Identified Mail

The Trusted Domain Project