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opendkim-gengraphs(8) System Manager's Manual opendkim-gengraphs(8)


opendkim-gengraphs - OpenDKIM statistics graph generation tool


opendkim-gengraphs [options]


opendkim-gengraphs collates data accumulated by the OpenDKIM statistics feature into an HTML report including graphs about the daily behaviour of specific domains of interest.

Requires access to gnuplot(1).


Attempts to connect to the database server on the named host. The default is "localhost".
Requests a connection to the database called name. The default is "opendkim".
Attempts to authenticate to the database server using the specified password. The default is "opendkim".
Tries to connect to the database at the specified TCP port. The default is 3306.
Attempts to authenticate to the database server as the specified user. The default is "opendkim".
Adds the named domain, or domains extracted from the named file, to the set of domains for which a graph should be generated. Strings that start with "/" or "./" are assumed to be files from which domain naems should be read.
Prints a usage message and exits.
Prevents the script from requesting circles in graphs to show point magnitude (also known as a bubble graph) for installations that have versions of gnuplot(1) that don't support it.
Suppresses generation of a graph for unsigned mail.
Writes an HTML report to the specified file. Graphs will be generated in the same directory.
Requests verbose output.
Prints version number and exits.


This man page covers the version of opendkim-gengraphs that shipped with version 2.11.0 of OpenDKIM.


Copyright (c) 2011, 2012, The Trusted Domain Project. All rights reserved.


opendkim(8), opendkim-importstats(8)

RFC6376 - DomainKeys Identified Mail

The Trusted Domain Project