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opaledports(8) IFSFFCLIRG (Man Page) opaledports(8)



Toggles the beaconing LED state of HFIs, switches, and switch ports. opaledports is a useful aid for finding specific physical nodes in a crowded data center. It supports the CSV link format provided by opaextractsellinks.


opaledports [-h hfi] [-p port] [-C] [-s|-d] [on|off] < portlist.csv


Produces full help text.

Specifies the HFI, numbered 1..n. Using 0 specifies that the -p port port is a system-wide port number. Default is 0.

Specifies the port, numbered 1..n. Using 0 specifies the first active port. Default is 0.

Clears beaconing LED on all ports.

NOTE: If -C is entered, no other options are valid.

Affects source side (first node) of link only.

Affects destination side (second node) of link only.

Turns on or off the beaconing LED. Options include:

on Turns on beaconing LED.

off Turns off beaconing LED.

Specifies the file listing the links to process. The list is of the form:



echo "0x001175010165ac1d;1;FI;phkpstl035 hfi1_0"|opaledports on

opaledports on < portlist.csv

opaextractsellinks -F led:on | opaledports off

opaledports -C

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