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opacheckload(8) IFSFFCLIRG (Man Page) opacheckload(8)



Returns load information on hosts in the fabric.


opacheckload [-f hostfile] [-h 'hosts'] [-r] [-a|-n numprocs]
[-d uploaddir]


Produces full help text.

Specifies the file with hosts to check. Default is /etc/opa/hosts

Specifies the list of hosts to check.

Reverses output to show the least busy hosts. Default is busiest hosts.

Shows the specified number of top numprocs hosts. Default is 10.

Shows all hosts. Default is 10.

Specifies the target directory to upload loadavg. Default is uploads.



opacheckload -h 'arwen elrond'

HOSTS='arwen elrond' opacheckload

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are also used by this command:

List of hosts, used if -h option not supplied.

File containing list of hosts, used in absence of -f and -h.

Directory to upload loadavg, used in absence of -d.

Maximum concurrent operations.

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