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lollypop(1) General Commands Manual lollypop(1)


Lollypop - a new GNOME music playing application


Lollypop [options]


Lollypop is a modern GNOME music player, with the following features:

Artist bio, lyrics Artist bio, lyrics: Get artists and tracks information from the web.
Intuitive browsing: Walk through your collection by genres/artists and through albums artwork.
Play many audio formats: mp3, mp4, ogg, and flac
Cover art downloader: Automatic artwork downloader from, Itunes and Spotify.
MTP devices: Sync your music with Android phones and any mtp devices…
Fullscreen view: Visual access from your couch
Party mode: Let Lollypop choose music for you.
Native replay gain support.
Search in your collection by artist, album and title.


Play ids
Debug Lollypop
Rate the current track
Toggle playback
Stop playback
Go to next track
Go to prev track
Emulate a Librem phone
Lollypop version
X-display to use


Lollypop was written by Cédric Bellegarde