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log4cpp::details::base_validator_data(3) Library Functions Manual log4cpp::details::base_validator_data(3)




#include <FactoryParams.hh>

Inherited by log4cpp::details::optional_params_validator, log4cpp::details::parameter_validator, and log4cpp::details::required_params_validator.

Public Member Functions

base_validator_data (const char *tag, const FactoryParams *params)

Protected Member Functions

template<typename T > void assign (const std::string &param_value, T &value) const
template<typename T > void assign_impl (const std::string &param_value, T &value) const
void assign_impl (const std::string &param_value, std::string &value) const
void throw_error (const char *param_name) const

Protected Attributes

const char * tag_
const FactoryParams * params_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::base_validator_data (const char * tag, const FactoryParams * params) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T > void log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::assign (const std::string & param_value, T & value) const [inline], [protected]

void log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::assign_impl (const std::string & param_value, std::string & value) const [inline], [protected]

template<typename T > void log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::assign_impl (const std::string & param_value, T & value) const [inline], [protected]

void log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::throw_error (const char * param_name) const [inline], [protected]

Member Data Documentation

const FactoryParams* log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::params_ [protected]

const char* log4cpp::details::base_validator_data::tag_ [protected]


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