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getfiles() - gets next non flag-type argument


#include <schily/getargs.h>

int getfiles(pac, pav, fmt)

	int *pac;       /* pointer to arg count */

	char *(*pav)[]; /* pointer to address of arg vector */

	char *fmt;      /* format string */

int getlfiles(pac, pav, props, fmt)

	int *pac;       /* pointer to arg count */

	char *(*pav)[]; /* pointer to address of arg vector */

	struct ga_props *props; /* control properties */

	char *fmt;      /* format string */

int getvfiles(pac, pav, props, vfmt)

	int *pac;       /* pointer to arg count */

	char *(*pav)[]; /* pointer to address of arg vector */

	struct ga_props *props; /* control properties */

	struct ga_flags *vfmt;  /* array of formats and args */


getfiles() is part of the advanced option parsing interface together with the getargs() and getallrgs() family. getfiles() skips options until a file type argument is encountered.

getfiles() returns, with a value of +1 (NOTAFLAG) or +2 (FLAGDELIM), whenever a non-flag type argument is encountered. Flag-type (option) arguments, along with their values, are ignored. The filename is at *pav[0]. The caller must increment *pav and decrement *pac before calling getfiles() again.

getlfiles() is similar to getfiles() but it implements an additional ga_props parameter that must be initialized with getarginit() before it is passed.

getvfiles() is similar to getlfiles() but uses a structure ga_flags instead of a format string and a variable arg list with pointers. The array of structures ga_flags:

struct ga_flags {

const char *ga_format; /* Comma separated list for one flag */

void *ga_arg; /* Ptr. to variable to fill for flag */

getpargfun ga_funcp; /* Ptr. for function to call (&/~) */

is terminated by an element with ga_format == NULL. For a ga_format that does not expect a function pointer, ga_funcp is NULL.


The command line argument "--" stopped flag processing.
The argument *pav does not appear to be a flag.
All arguments have been successfully examined.
A bad flag (option) argument was supplied to the program. The argument *pav contains the offending command line argument.
A bad format descriptor string has been detected. This means an error in the calling program, not a user input data error.

General rules for the return code:

> 0
A file type argument was found.
All arguments have been parsed.
< 0
An error occurred or not a file type argument.

Flag and file arg processing should be terminated after getting a return code <= 0.


getallargs(3), getargerror(3), getargs(3).


Initially, *pav must point to the first argument (not the program name) and *pac must not count the program name. Before calling getfiles() again, decrement *pac and increment *pav, or the same name will be pointed to by *pav.


None currently known.

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Joerg Schilling and the schilytools project authors.

2022/09/09 Joerg Schilling