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cfg_opt_t(3) confuse cfg_opt_t(3)


cfg_opt_t - Data structure holding information about an option.


#include <confuse.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
The name of the option. char * comment
Optional comment/annotation. cfg_type_t type
Type of option. unsigned int nvalues
Number of values parsed. cfg_value_t ** values
Array of found values. cfg_flag_t flags
Flags. cfg_opt_t * subopts
Suboptions (only applies to sections) cfg_defvalue_t def
Default value. cfg_func_t func
Function callback for CFGT_FUNC options. cfg_simple_t simple_value
Pointer to user-specified variable to store simple values (created with the CFG_SIMPLE_* initializers) cfg_callback_t parsecb
Value parsing callback function. cfg_validate_callback_t validcb
Value validating parsing callback function. cfg_validate_callback2_t validcb2
Value validating set callback function. cfg_print_func_t pf
print callback function

Detailed Description

Data structure holding information about an option.

The value(s) are stored as an array of fundamental values (strings, numbers, etc).

ftpconf.c, reread.c, and simple.c.


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