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FIND(3) Library Functions Manual FIND(3)


find - fastfind algorithm interface


#include <find.h>
void* findopen(const char* pattern);
char* findnext(void* handle);
void findclose(void* handle);


These routines access the data generated by the fastfind algorithm. The data itself is generated by a standalone program that is run daily via cron or at.

findopen returns a handle to a fastfind stream for the ksh file pattern pattern. findnext returns the next pathname that matches the pattern specified by handle. findnext returns 0 when no more pathnames match the pattern. Finally, findclose closes the fastfind stream for handle.


These rotuines are only as good as the fastfind information which is in the system administration domain.


tw(1), find(1), strmatch(3)
James A. Woods, Fast Find Algorithm, Usenix ;login:, February/March, 1983, p. 8