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KPAT(6) KPat User's Manual KPAT(6)


kpat - A highly addictive card game


kpat [--solvegame file] [--solve num] [--start num] [--end num] [--gametype game] [--testdir directory] [--generate] [file]


KPatience is a compendium of several well known patience card games, ranging from the well known Klondike and Freecell, to lesser known games such as Grandfather's Clock and Mod3. In all there are 12 variations for you to while away time.


This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`--'). A summary of the options supported by kpat is included below.

-h --help

This lists the options available at the command line

-v --version

Lists version information for KPatience

--solvegame file

Try to find a solution to the given savegame

--solve num

Dealer to solve (debug)

--start num

Game range start (default 0:INT_MAX)

--end num

Game range end (default start:start if start given)

--gametype game

Skip the selection screen and load a particular game type. Valid values are: acesup, fortyeight, freecell, golf, grandfather, grandfathersclock, gypsy, klondike, mod3, simplesimon, spider, yukon

--testdir directory

Directory with test cases


Generate random test cases


Lists KPatience's authors in the terminal window


Shows license information

--desktopfile file name

The base file name of the desktop entry for this application.


File to load


More detailed user documentation is available from help:/kpat (either enter this URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/kpat).


KPatience is by:

Paul Olav Tvete
Mario Weilguni <>
Matthias Ettrich <>
Rodolfo Borges <>
Peter H. Ruegg <>
Michael Koch <>
Marcus Meissner <>
Shlomi Fish <>
Stephan Kulow <>
2021-06-21 KDE Gear 21.04