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jbig2dec(1) jbig2dec Manual jbig2dec(1)


jbig2dec - File format converter specialized in JBIG2 decoding


jbig2dec [options] file.jbig2
jbig2dec [options] global-stream page-stream


The jbig2dec command converts JBIG2 files to png or pbm files.

When passed a single file argument it is interpreted as a JBIG2 file stream, with either sequential or random-access organization.

When passed two stream arguments, they are interpreted as the global and page-specific portions of an embedded organization, as used in PDF. If a particular page references no global segment stream, /dev/null can be passed for the global-stream argument to request the embedded parser.


The options are as follows:

Expect embedded bit stream without file header.
Store the decoded output in file. Defaults to the input with a different extension. Set to - for standard output.
Force a particular output file format. Supported are png and pbm.
Print the structure of the JBIG2 file rather than explicitly decoding it.
Print a hash of the decoded document.
Suppress warnings and other diagnostic output.
Report additional information about the decoding process. Pass just -v for information about the file as it's being decoded. This is the same as --verbose=2. Pass --verbose=3 or higher for debugging information.
Show program version information.
Show usage summary.


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Contact the developers on Discord: or via the mailing list <>.


This manpage was initially written by Sebastian Rasmussen <> for jbig2dec and the Debian Project.

2023 May 19 Version 0.20