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INN::Config(3pm) InterNetNews Documentation INN::Config(3pm)


INN::Config - Export all the variables an INN Perl script might need


This Perl module sets up any and all the variables that an INN Perl script might need. More particularly, it allows using inn.conf variables: they are all provided by innconfval, as well as the version of INN (in the variable $INN::Config::VERSION for its short number form, on in $INN::Config::version for its complete form). Other useful variables are also provided (directories, files, programs, masks, parameters). The complete list can be obtained with the following script that prints them out:

    use lib '<pathnews>/lib/perl';
    use INN::Config;
    use Data::Dumper;
    my ($varname, $value);
    foreach my $var (@INN::Config::EXPORT_OK) {
        if ($var =~ /^\$(.*)$/) {
            $varname = "INN::Config::$1";
            $value = Dumper($$varname);
            $value =~ s/^\$VAR1 = //;
            print "\$$varname = $value";
        } elsif ($var =~ /^\@(.*)$/) {
            $varname = "INN::Config::$1";
            $value = Dumper(\@$varname);
            $value =~ s/^\$VAR1 = //;
            print "\@$varname = $value";

A local Perl script named in pathetc will be loaded, if present and executable, at the end of the run of this module. A typical use is to add or override variables.

You only have to declare the module at the beginning of them:

    use lib '<pathnews>/lib/perl';
    use INN::Config;

Then, you can for instance use:

    print $INN::Config::localmaxartsize;

to print the value of localmaxartsize as it is set in inn.conf.

You can also specify a version when you import the module. If you write:

    use INN::Config 2.5.0;

only versions of INN superior to 2.5.0 will be able to run the Perl script.

It is also possible to import the variables directly in your namespace if you specify what you want to import:

    use INN::Config qw($localmaxartsize $pathbin);

Note that a legacy is also provided in pathnews/lib for compatibility reasons with old Perl scripts not shipped with INN. It was used by versions of INN anterior to 2.5.0. The corresponding scripts for Shell and Tcl are, however, still in use: innshellvars and innshellvars.tcl. They offer the same capabilities as this module.

HISTORY was written by James Brister <> for InterNetNews in 1996. It was converted to the INN::Config Perl module by Julien Elie in 2007.


inn.conf(5), innconfval(1), perl(1).

2022-01-23 INN 2.6.5