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gbp-import-dscs(1) git-buildpackage Manual gbp-import-dscs(1)


gbp-import-dscs - Import multiple versions of a Debian source packages into a Git repository


gbp import-dscs
[options] [gbp import-dsc options] pkg_1.dsc pkg_2.dsc ...
gbp import-dscs
{--debsnap} [options] [gbp import-dsc options] {package}


gbp import-dscs imports several versions of a Debian source package into a Git repository. To do so, it sorts the packages by their versions first, and then imports them via calling gbp import-dsc on each package.

If the current directory isn't a Git repository already, the repository is created in a subdir of the current working directory, named after the first imported package, otherwise the Git repository in the current working directory is being used. This allows for incremental imports.


Fetch snapshots from using debsnap.
Ignore gbp.conf files stored in the git repository itself. This can be useful to ignore branch information and other options shipped in the package source.

All other options are passed on verbatim to gbp import-dsc.


gbp-import-dsc(1), gbp-buildpackage(1), gbp-import-orig(1), gbp-dch(1), gbp.conf(5), debuild(1), git(1), pristine-tar(1),
The Git-Buildpackage Manual ⟨file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/index.html⟩


Guido Günther <>

23 August 2021