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BST SOURCE PUSH(1) bst source push Manual BST SOURCE PUSH(1)


bst-source-push - Push sources in a pipeline


bst source push [OPTIONS] [ELEMENTS]...


Push sources required to build the pipeline

Specifying no elements will result in pushing the sources of the default targets of the project. If no default targets are configured, sources of all project elements will be pushed.

When this command is executed from a workspace directory, the default is to push the sources of the workspace element.

By default this will only try to push sources for the specified elements.

Specify `--deps` to control which sources to fetch:

none: No dependencies, just the element itself
run: Runtime dependencies, including the element itself
build: Build time dependencies, excluding the element itself
all: All dependencies


Except certain dependencies from pushing
The dependencies to push [default: none]
A remote for uploading sources
Ignore remote source cache servers recommended by projects