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OTPTOOL(1) General Commands Manual OTPTOOL(1)


otptoolHOTP/OATH one-time password utility


otptool [-Ffht] [-c counter] [-d #digits] [-i secs] [-m PIN] [-w numkey [password]


otptool is a utility for generating, verifying, and synchronizing one-time passwords created using the HOTP/OATH algorithm defined by RFC 4226.

The key is the token's binary secret key and may be specified on the command line as a hexadecimal string, or read from a file using the -F or -f flag.

If no password is given, otptool generates the one-time password corresponding to the given key and target counter value and prints to standard output the counter followed by the decimal and hexadecimal one-time passwords. If password is given, then otptool verifies that password is the correct one-time password for the given key and counter value. If so, it outputs the counter value. password may be either the decimal or hexadecimal one-time password.

The target counter value is determined as follows: if the -t flag is given, use the current time in seconds since the UNIX epoch divided by the configured time interval (default 30 seconds); otherwise, if the -c flag is given, use the given counter; otherwise, use the value zero.

In both cases, a range of target counter values may be specified using the -w flag. When both -w and password are given, otptool will search the entire range for a matching counter value, starting with the target counter value and working away from it. This mode can be used to resynchronize an unsychronized counter.


Specify the starting target counter value for the one-time password generation or search. This flag is incompatible with the -t flag; if neither flag is given, the default value is zero.
Specify the required number of digits in the one-time password. Giving a password argument and specifying a different length here will result in no match being found (no search is performed). Otherwise, the default value is the length of password, if given, or else six if not.
Read the key as a hexadecimal string from the file named key.
Read the key in raw, binary format from the file named key.
Print the usage message and exit successfully.
Specify the length of a single time interval in seconds. The default value is 30 seconds. This flag is ignored unless the -t flag is also given.
Use the Mobile-OTP algorithm with the given PIN instead of the HOTP/OATH algorithm. This flag imples -i 10 and -d 6. Normally you also want to specify -t.
Use the current time as the basis for the target counter value. This flag is incompatible with the -c flag.
Specify the width of a window of counter values within which to iterate when generating or searching for one-time passwords. When -t is used, the window extends the given distance both before and after the target counter value; otherwise, the window extends forward of the target counter value. When both password and -t are given, the search starts with the initial target counter and works away from it in both directions.


otptool exits with one of the following return values:

The one-time password(s) was/were successfully generated, or password correctly matched the password generated using (one of) the target counter value(s).
otptool was invoked with invalid command line flags or parameters.
The given password did not match any counter value(s) in the search window.
A system error occurred.


HOTP: An HMAC-Based One-Time Password Algorithm,

mod_authn_otp: Apache module for one-time password authentication,

Mobile-OTP: Mobile One Time Passwords,


Archie L. Cobbs ⟨⟩

June 21, 2008 Linux 6.4.0-150600.23.7-default