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UPMPDCLI(1) General Commands Manual UPMPDCLI(1)


upmpdcli - UPnP Media Renderer front-end to MPD, the Music Player Daemon


upmpdcli [options] files...


upmpdcli is a program which should be run permanently (typically as a daemon, or started upon logging in), and acts as an UPnP Media Renderer, using the Music Player Daemon, mpd, for actually playing the music. This allows integrating the high quality and widely ported MPD inside an UPnP-based music network, typically with a remote running on a tablet or phone.


This program uses short options. A summary of options is included below.

Define the host machine on which mpd runs.
Set the name which will be displayed by controllers for this instance after they search the network.
Define the IP port used by mpd.
Decide if we own the MPD queue (-q 1) or not (-q 0). We own it by default, and clear it fearlessly.
Send debug/trace messages to logfilename.
Set the log verbosity (0-4).
Daemonize (fork and run in background). Using -D for this is the reverse from usual convention, but the authors found it better to avoid surprising naïve users with an unexpected disparition of the program...
Define the network interface to use for UPnP.
Start the OpenHome ohMedia services (esp. PlayList), or not.
Define the IP port to use for UPnP.
Use the configuration from configfile. The configuration file has a simple name = value format and can set the same values as the command line options (with a lower priority). The parameter names are mpdhost, mpdport, friendlyname, logfilename, loglevel, upnpiface, upnpport. The configuration file can also be used to set the MPD password (mpdpassword), and the UPnP IP address (instead of interface name, upnpip).



February 10, 2014