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tdom(n) tdom(n)


tdom - tdom is an expat parser object extension to create an in-memory DOM tree from the input while parsing.


package require tdom
set parser [expat]
tdom $parser enable


tdom adds the C handler set "tdom" to an tcl expat parser obj. This handler set builds an in-memory DOM tree out of the input, parsed by the parser. A DOM tree created this way behave exactly like a DOM tree created by the "dom" command (see there). In fact, tdom is only another interface to the same functionality; it uses the code behind the dom code for building the DOM tree.

Adds the tdom C handler set to a Tcl expat parser object. Next time, the parser parses input, the tdom C handler functions create an in-memory DOM tree.

Returns the DOM tree as domDoc (see there) object.

See the method setStoreLineColumn of the dom command.

Removes the tdom C handler set from the parser object.

See the option -keepEmpties of the dom command.


dom, expat


DOM, SAX, C handler set