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std::experimental::scope_success::~scope_success(3) C++ Standard Libary std::experimental::scope_success::~scope_success(3)


std::experimental::scope_success::~scope_success - std::experimental::scope_success::~scope_success


~scope_success() noexcept(noexcept(std::declval<EF&>()())); (library fundamentals
TS v3)

Calls the exit function if the result of std::uncaught_exceptions() is less than or
equal to the counter of uncaught exceptions (typically on normal exit) and the
scope_success is active, then destroys the stored EF (if it is a function object)
and any other non-static data members.


Throws any exception thrown by calling the exit function.


Whether the destructor is called on stack unwinding can be detected by the
comparison of the result of std::uncaught_exceptions() and the counter of uncaught
exceptions in the scope_success.

Unlike other classes or class template specializations in the C++ standard library
and other C++ TR/TS's, scope_success's destructor is permitted to throw an

See also

release makes the scope_success inactive
(public member function)