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SQTOP(1) General Commands Manual SQTOP(1)


sqtopdisplay active client connections for Squid


sqtop [options]


sqtop displays information about currently active client connections for a Squid proxy in a convenient way.

Without options, sqtop tries to connect to a Squid proxy listening at using port 3128.


Display a brief help text.
host (-h host)
Squid proxy host. Defaults to
port (-p port)
Squid proxy port. Defaults to 3128.
password (-P password)
Squid proxy cachemgr_passwd.
hostlist (-H hostlist)
Comma-separated list of client IP addresses (CIDR notation is supported) to query the Squid proxy for. Hostnames are silently ignored.
userlist (-u userlist)
Comma-separated list of Squid usernames to list active connections for.
Display brief per-connection information, omits URLs.
Display detailed information (size, username and average speed) for each URL in each connection.
Display full details (size, username, average speed, delay pool and elapsed time) for each URL in each connection.
Display zero values instead of silently omitting them.
Don't compact the display of multiple occurrences of the same URL in a single connection.
Disable interactive mode, just print statistics once to stdout.
seconds (-r seconds)
Set the refresh-interval for interactive mode.
Don't do hostname lookups.
Don't strip domain part of hostname.


If built with support for ncurses(3), sqtop defaults to running in interactive mode, occupying the whole screen, unless the --once option was specified on the command line.

Information about the Squid server currently connected to, the version of sqtop used, as well as eventual error messages are shown at the top of the display.

The bottom of the display keeps various aggregates, including current and average speed, the total number of hosts connected and the total number of connections.

Any option given on the command line can be changed from within interactive mode by pressing the key corresponding to its respective short option character.

In addition to the options given on the command line, sqtop recognizes the following keys when in interactive mode:

Search for literal substrings in hosts, usernames or URLs. Regular expressions are not parsed, currently.
Stop refreshing.
Scroll display.
Toggle displayed level of detail for the currently selected entry.
Display the help screen, including current settings for options, where applicable.
Compact long urls to fit them on one line.
Toggle mode of display for speed detail between current and average, current only and average only.
Toggle connection sort order between size, current speed, average speed and max time.
Toggle hosts showing mode between host name only, host ip only, both ip and host name.
Quit sqtop


List all currently active connections in interacive mode from and to a Squid proxy running at, port 8080 using ZePasswd as cachemgr_passwd:

$ sqtop -h -port 8080 -p ZePasswd -H,


The sqtop utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


The Squid homepage at:

The sqtop homepage at:


sqtop was written by Oleg Palij <>.

This man page was originally written by Marco Steinbach <>.

September 18, 2010