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GPGLIST(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation GPGLIST(1)


gpglist -- show who signed which of your UIDs



gpglist takes a keyid and creates a listing showing who signed keyid's user IDs.

        $ gpglist 6D8ABE71
        +-----  1 Christoph Berg <>
        |  +--  2 Christoph Berg <>
        1  2  
        x     7929AB90F7AC3AF0 Martin Helas <>
        x  x  29BE5D2268FD549F Martin Michlmayr <>
           x  7DDB2B8DB4B462C5 Martin Wanke <>

By default only non-revoked identities are listed, but it can be overridden it with --show-revoked.

One or more --signer option can be used to limit signers to the matching keys. See the GnuPG manual for the different ways to specify a key or user ID.

The path to the gpg binary can be specified with the GNUPGBIN environment variable (default: "gpg").



gpgsigs(1), gpg(1), caff(1).

2024-02-26 perl v5.38.2