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REDECLIPSE(6) Red Eclipse Manual REDECLIPSE(6)


redeclipse - script to launch the Red Eclipse FPS game client


redeclipse [-hhomedir] [-ppackagedir] [-osauerdir] [-glogfile]

[-df{0|1}] [-dwwidth] [-dhheight] [-du{agf123}] [-dasamples] [-dddepth]

[-x'command(s)'] [-v{0..4}] [--help]

[-ss{0..3}] [-smservermaster] [-saservermasterport]


Red Eclipse is a single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward a balanced gameplay, with a general theme of agility in a variety of environments.

redeclipse is a script which executes the redeclipse binary from the /usr/libexec/redeclipse directory.

The recommended way to change the settings of the client are to edit the config.cfg and init.cfg files in the home directory.

The redeclipse client starts a local loopback server upon launch which it uses to connect to for singleplayer, hence many of the server options are accepted by the redeclipse binary as well (see redeclipse-server(6)). To edit the specific settings related to the loopback server, use the localexec.cfg and localinit.cfg files in the home directory.


Many of these options will, if used, be permanently saved in the init.cfg file.


Filesystem options

Sets your home directory to homedir. Red Eclipse will look for files in this directory in addition the normal installation directory. All user files will be written to the home directory. Defaults to $HOME/.redeclipse/.

Includes the data files found in packagedir. Can be used for adding additional mods. Packages will be loaded in the order specified. By default redeclipse only includes data files in its working directory /usr/share/redeclipse/, and in the temp subdirectory of the home directory.

Sets the path to your Sauerbraten directory. If Red Eclipse can find your Sauerbraten directory, you can load and play Sauerbraten maps from withing Red Eclipse.

Output log to logfile. Path is set relative to homedir unless a leading ´/' is used, uses stdout if -g is given without a parameter. Defaults to log.txt.

Video options

Turns fullscreen mode on or off. 0 to disable, 1 to enable. Defaults to 1.
This configuration is stored in init.cfg

Sets screen width to width. If height not specified, also sets height to 3/4 of width. min is 320.
This configuration is stored in init.cfg

Sets screen height to height. If width not specified, also sets width to 4/3 of height. min is 320.
This configuration is stored in init.cfg

Sets full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) to samples samples.
This configuration is stored in init.cfg

Sets z-buffer depth to depth.
This configuration is stored in init.cfg

General options

Executes a list of commands once Red Eclipse has started up.

Sets verbosity. This affects how much information is printed to the console. 0 is the least verbose, 4 is the most verbose, defaults to 0.
This configuration is stored in init.cfg

Display this manpage

Server options

Sets the server type of the local server. 0 for local only, 1 for private, 2 for public, 3 for dedicated. Defaults to 1. If set as dedicated (3) redeclipse will act similarly to redeclipse-server and not start the GUI.

Connects to servermaster to get the list of available servers, defaults to

Contacts the master server using port servermasterport, defaults to 28800.


redeclipse -p$HOME/mod/data

Load data from an additional directory.

redeclipse -h$HOME/redeclipse_configs/

Reads and writes the configuration files to the specified directory instead of $HOME/.redeclipse/.

redeclipse -x'mode 7; trialweapon 0; map hinder'

Sets game mode to time trial, trialmode weapon to empty hands, and starts a game on the map "hinder".


Red Eclipse's main developers are Quinton "quin" Reeves and Lee "eihrul" Salzman

This manual page was written by Martin Erik Werner <>


Red Eclipse was forked as a continuation of the game Bloodfrontier, which in turn was based on the Cube2 engine and the Sauerbraten game. Red Eclipse and Sauerbraten are now developed in parallel.



2012-09-11 Red Eclipse 1.3